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These rules have been designed to assist members maintaining the ideals and integrity of the CIA squad, It is broken down into sections for a better understanding.

All recruitment applications will be checked out and verified over at the NovaWorld website.

I. General

1. CIA Squad has a minimum age requirement of 18.

2. New members will be on probation for a minimum of 4 weeks. During that time they will have to demonstrated that you have visited the forums on the website, joined in on TEAMSPEAK 3 and played games with other members of the squad.

3. Joining CIA requires dedication and commitment and as such you must only be a member of only one squad.

4. In order to join CIA Squad you must possess a valid e-mail address, a microphone in order to join TEAMSPEAK 3, and register and join our website for news, squad information, etc.

5. In order to join up with CIA Squad you must use your primary user name with matching valid PCID number that goes with it., This will be checked out & verified on NovaWorld.

6. The CIA Squad follows a governing rank structure and those above you in rank have earned respect and trust of the Squad Leader. Please ensure that you show those higher in rank than yourself the respect that they have earned.

7. Members who intend to be away for extended periods are required to advise either via the forums, the squad leader, or a staff member.

8. Squad members are required to post in forums, post in shoutbox, be on TeamSpeak, or be in the DFX2 CIA game server at least once every two weeks, or twice or more a month to stay marked as active. To prevent your account from inadvertently being marked as dead and possibly being removed, you'll need to log in our website and make sure your member details are all up-to-date and post something in our forums. The only exception to this rule is in rule #7 above.

9. Total inactivity by any squad member can expect to be removed from the squad. Inactivity, refers to the lack of activity on our website, or game server. Our staff members and those higher in rank will be held to a higher standard of expectations if they expect to remain at any particular rank or possition within the squad. The minimum expection of the squad is to join the website and post two (2) times a month. This should not be all that difficult and it is not rocket science, but it IS expected if you wish to remain as a =CIA= member.

10. The CIA Squad will not tolerate any internal fighting or bickering, The same goes for fighting or bickering with those not in our squad. If you are found doing this and you can not defend your actions you will face a removal from the CIA Squad along with removal of your =CIA= tag. If it is deemed serious enough, you will also be banned from the website, the game server and TeamSpeak.

NOTE - ANY and ALL internal issues MUST be addressed to the squad leader first, and if he is not available notify a staff member and they will attempt to deal with the issue at hand.

II. Playing the Game

1. Members and Recruits alike will behave with respect and honour in any game server. This covers any in-game chat, in particular the exchange of improper language and accusations. Examples of this would be use of phrases like WTF, BS, chammer, Hack, etc. We all are entitled to free speech and to express an opinion. This should be saved for our forums or on TeamSpeak. The last thing we want to see typed back to us is: Hey, those =CA= people are a bunch of whinning crybabies.

2. In-game cheating and use of bad language is strictly forbidden. The possibility of suspension pending a review by the squad leader and staff and council, which again will most likely lead to expulsion from the squad.

3. If you have a problem bring it to the squad leader or staff. We will try and help you get the problem resolved.

III. Website and Teamspeak

1. Bad Language / Swearing – Should be avoided at ALL costes. It is certainly not allowed on open forums (in squad only areas very little is allowed).

2. The CIA Squad is a gaming squad – the forums will not therefore be used for political debate, racist jokes or anything that may affect any group/individuals.

3. Slandering of other squads in open forums is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. We as CIA member are above this sort of behavior. Negative remarks of other squads need to be kept in the CIA Forums only where others won't see it.

4. Please keep posts in the proper section. Posts in wrong sections makes it difficult for members to find the important posts. If this is found to have happened, you can expect either a removal of the post or it will be moved to it's proper location.

Thank you for taking the time to read these rules and code of conduct.

Above all though have fun....
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